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New Jersey Drug Rehab

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The state of New Jersey has a wide range of rehabilitation programs to help men and women struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. Entering a New Jersey drug rehab program will provide the tools to fight addiction and start on a life without drugs. By understanding the facts about the rehab programs, it is possible to find an appropriate program for personal needs or the needs of a loved one.

Drug Abuse in New Jersey

Substance abuse is a problem that has plagued the state of New Jersey for several years. Although the state is taking measures to reduce addiction problems through the state Division of Addiction Services, work is still a necessity throughout the state.

Self-reported information about illicit drug abuse suggests that almost 500,000 individuals living in the state of New Jersey are taking or have used illegal drugs within a year of providing information in a survey. Although almost 500,000 individuals admit to using drugs, it is likely that others are abusing drugs without admitting to the problem.

The two drugs that are used most often in New Jersey are marijuana and heroin, which accounts for roughly 60 percent of all drug charges. Cocaine and alcohol account for most other addictions that impact individuals in New Jersey.

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New Jersey Drug Rehab Standards

NJ drug addiction helpThe state of New Jersey has required standards to help individuals get through addiction in rehab programs. The New Jersey Department of Health has set standards for addiction treatment with the Division of Addiction Services.

The Division of Addiction Services in New Jersey requires strict standards when drug rehab programs are developing. The state requires treatment that is proven effective in addiction treatment to ensure every individual involved in a rehab program has a chance to break free of addiction and live a healthier lifestyle.

Any New Jersey drug rehab facility will offer a wide variety of treatment solutions based on personal situations. Addiction can have many causes, so treatment works to solve several potential underlying causes. After the initial treatment is complete, the state requires an aftercare program for continued support. Since studies have shown that it is easier to overcome addiction with support, counseling services and community support solutions are offered to every patient in a facility.

The state of New Jersey has set standards that improve the chances of overcoming addiction. With the help of professional services in a rehab program, it is possible to live a drug-free lifestyle and beat addiction.

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